22 Eylül 2009 Salı

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All Night Cinema

Just Jack

I don’t know who directs those films

I watch when I sleep

I am not sure who the producer is

But I don’t think it is so wise thing

Sometimes they made a lego

And sometimes they made a go

And sometimes it’s hard to let go

But the ones I just can’t better hold

All the lights are off

I watch projections in my mind

I don’t know who does the casting

But they got a strange sense of humour

Sometimes I’m seeing strangers

And sometimes I’m watching friends

And sometimes the feeling is painless

And I hope the visions never end

They’re the strangest things I’ve ever be held

So bore me and beautiful, the monstrously miniscule

I repeat a thing or four if I told you

Because you told me they bore you to tears

I buy you a ticket to my one-seat cinema

But I can’t find the box-office

So I just try to describe it

Sometimes you try to listen

And sometimes you fall a sleep

And sometimes the story is glisten

And all the times they sound weak

I’ve never seen such a beauty

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